Butch Merigoni is a drummer and arts educator based in Brooklyn, New York. After finishing graduate school in 2005 his focus shifted from painting to playing drums. A change that also led to choreographing solo movement and collaborative performance work.

His current projects include the band, Beasty, a bass, drums and guitar trio that make aggressively angular songs. Their second album, Bernard Hopkins, will be out next year.  He also leads 'Workshop/Performance', an activity that, as a workshop, uses collaborative play as a way to navigate the unpredictable nature of collective performance making.  As a performance, it becomes a chaotic, but orchestrated, layering of voices, sounds and actions.  Butch will be in London and Belgium this fall leading this project. 



October 19  Workshop/Performance, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, UK  

October 22-November 4  Workshop/Performance, De Grote Post Residency, Oostende, Belgium

November 12-19 Workshop/Performance, ZSenne Art Lab Residency, Brussels, Belgium

November 22  Workshop/Performance, So & So Arts at The Bridge, London, UK

February 9  Workshop/Performance, Light Box, Detroit, MI

July 1-30  Workshop/Performance, K.A.K. Residency, Brussels, Belgium