Starting out as a painter, my work has changed a lot since grad school. Playing drums and making performance work have become huge parts of my practice. My band, Beasty, is a bass, drums and guitar trio that make aggressive songs. Our second album, Bernard Hopkins, will be out next fall. As for the performance work, I lead an on-going series of workshops, public happenings and audience participatory performances where the idea is to play with irrational behavior in the effort to see where nonsense can take you. Most recently, I was a resident artist at De Grote Post in Oostende, Belgium and ZSenne Art Lab in Brussels where I led “Workshop/Performance”, an event that uses physical play as a way to approach nonsensical performance making. This project also took place at Chisenhale Dance Space and So & So Arts Club in London. I live in Brooklyn, NY.


February 9 Workshop/Performance Light Box, Detroit, MI.

June 9 Performance Mix Festival New York, NY

July 1-30 With and Without Plans K.A.K., Brussels, Belgium