Since finishing grad school in 2005 my work has taken a lot of unexpected turns. From painting, to playing drums, to performance and movement, then back to drums, my work seems to be this searching and following of something that brings me to a greater sense of things. To something more connected. 

These days I'm playing drums in the band, Beasty. We're a bass, drums & guitar trio that make aggressive songs. We're working on our second record, Bernard Hopkins. I also lead 'Workshop/Performance', an activity that, as a workshop, is a teaching tool that uses playful tasks and actions to navigate the notion of uncertainty. As a performance, it's an orchestra that I conduct to create a discordant layering of voices, sounds and actions. I live in Brooklyn, NY.



September 15, One Hour , Factory Art Space, Ridgewood Queens, NYC 

October 19, Workshop/Performance, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, UK  

October 22-November 4, One Hour, De Grote Post Residency, Ostend, Belgium

November 12-19, One Hour, ZSenne Art Lab Residency, Brussels, Belgium

November (TBA), Workshop/Performance, So and So Arts, London, UK

April 1-30, As Many Days As We Can Do It, K.A.K. Residency, Brussels, Belgium