2005   Master of Fine Art  Pratt Institute of Art, Brooklyn, New York

2000   Bachelor of Fine Art  Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana 


Selected Works

2019   45 Minutes  Judson Church Stuffed Series, NY, NY

2018   10 Minutes  Holly's Salon, The Woods, Queens, NY

2018   Workshop/Performance  Inverse Performance Art Festival, Fayetteville, Arkansas

2017   25 Minutes  The Woods, Queens, NY

2017   Absurd Tasks  Satellite Performance Project, Miami, Florida

2017    Absurd Tasks  Soak Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2017    Absurd Tasks  The Anarchist Festival, Judson Church, New York, NY  

2016    Solo 1-6  Multiple Locations, NYC & St. Erme, France

2015    All Of It  Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn, NY



2015-Present   Klutz (with MIllie Kapp, Raquel Mavecq, Alex Romania) Multiple Locations, NYC

2016   3 Hours, Stuff I Don't Use (David Ian Greiss and Elizabeth Lamb) Street Collaboration, Queens, NY

2016   Collaboration 2  (David Ian Greiss and Elizabeth Lamb), Performance for Video, Todo Bajo Control Film Festival, Providence, RI

2016   60 Minutes, 200 Chairs  (Ilona Bito), Performance for Strobe Network Event, Flux Factory, Queens, NY

2015   25 Minutes, More Planned Out (Ariane Bernier), Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2015   Jumping Rope While Eating (Ariane Bernier), Court Square Open Studios, Queens, NY

2015    Quartz Control (The Thea Litte Group), IMAR, Lakeville, Connecticut

2014   We Probably Have About 30 Minutes  (Ventiko Dean) Street Collaboration, Chinatown, NYC

2012-Present   Beasty  (Craig  on bass & vox and Phil on guitar), Multiple Performances, NYC/Northeast US  

2012-2014    Any Size Mirror is a Dictator  Multiple Locations, NYC

2010-2012   Man Lee (Woosung on guitar & vox), Multiple Performances, NYC

2008-2010   Bull City (John on vox, Brian on guitar, Matt on guitar) Multiple Performances, NYC



April 2019    As Many Days As We Can Do It  K.A.K, Brussels, Belgium

November 2018    Workshop/Performance  De Grote Post, Oostende, Belgium

November 2018     Workshop/Performance  ZSenne Art Lab, Brussels, Belgium  

November 2017     Workshop/Performance (research), De Burburestraat 11, Antwerpen, Belgium    

July 2016     Solo 6  Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme, France      

August 2014     Someone Else’s Shit  IMAR, Lakeville, Connecticut                                                   


Arts Education

February 2019    Workshop/Performance  Light Box, Detroit, MI

November 2018    Workshop/Performance  So and So Arts, London, UK

October 2018    Workshop/Performance  Chisenhale Dance Space, London, UK

July 2018    Teachers & Uncertainty Workshop  Lenox Hill School, New York, NY

June 2018    Art All-State Mentor  UMass Darmouth, MA

June 2018    Workshop/Performance for Teachers  Lenox Hill School, New York, NY 

March 2018    Workshop/Performance for Undergraduates  Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey     

Feb 2018    Playful Teachers Workshop  Lenox Hill School, New York, NY 

Oct 2017    Playground and Performance Workshop  BAX, Brooklyn, NY  

June 2017    Dodge Ball and Risk Workshop  Light Box, Detroit, Michigan

May 2017    Dodge Ball and Risk Workshop  St. John’s University, Queens, NY

April 2017    Pasta Sauce and Crayons Workshop  St. John’s University, Queens, NY

April 2017    Experiments in Action Workshop  The Woods, Queens, NY

2010- 2017    Percussion Building and Playing  Private Lessons, New York, NY

2007- Present   Arts in Athletics mentor  multiple schools, New York, NY